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The Declaration of Equalities for Moslem Women is a document established by Nadia Shahram, Esq. with her students at the University of Buffalo School of Law. It was created in response to global issues of the injustice, violence, mistreatment, and inadequacy of rights for women in Islamic cultures.  The document addresses legal questions of autonomy, child custody, honor killings, education, inheritance, employment and other cultural practices designed to suppress women in these societies. This document was inspired by the Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and voices similarly a list of demands aimed at improving the legal rights and status of Moslem women. The Declaration was unveiled in Seneca Falls in 2013 and has been part of their annual Convention Days celebration since then. The original document is on permanent exhibit at the Women’s Rights National Historic Park. 

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Nadia's Conversation with Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Video documentary: The Unveiling of the

Declaration of Equalities in Seneca Falls July of 2014

Declaration of Equalities
For Moslem Women
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"IN GOOD COMPANY" Nadia Shahram is pictured here at the Women's Rights National Historical Park where her Declaration of Equalities for Moslem Women is on permanent exhibit. Along side Nadia and the Declaration, is a Tapestry depicting Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Táhirih Qurratu l-`Ayn who concurrently fought for women's equality and rights in 1848, one in Seneca Falls N.Y. and the other in Persia. Nadia's Declaration of Equalities provides a powerful link to the works of both these brave women and brings the issue of injustice to women to a contemporary arena. Congratulations! 

From the “Declaration of Sentiments” to the “Declaration of Equalities for Muslim Women”: Towards Expanding Global Women’s Movement.


By Fidèle Menavanza

Sign the Declaration of Equalities - On-line Petition 
We have nearly 1000 signatures towards our 1st campaign, please help to reach our 2nd.
Declaration of Equalities - Translations
Coline Jenkins, great-great granddaughter of the suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Nadia Shahram, Esq, Moslem women's rights activist seated in Johnstown courthouse where the honorable Judge Daniel Cady, who provided the inspiration for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, resided
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