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Cultural Themed Dinners 

As a part of ongoing fundraising efforts, Coalition colleagues offer cultural-themed dinners in their

homes on a regular basis.  There were 3 such fundraisers in 2015, raising approximately $5,000.00 for the year. Three more such fundraisers are scheduled for the upcoming year. Organizers anticipate increased attendance as the activities grow in popularity. The dates for the upcoming Cultural-themed                Dinners are:

1.         Saturday, April 2, 2016      Authentic Indian Cuisine   Chef Dr. Aziza Karimi

2.         Saturday May 7, 2016        Authentic Iranian Cuisine Chef Nadia Shahram Esq.

3.         Saturday July 23, 2016       Authentic Italian Cuisine   Chef Carl Vahl Esq.


Please contact Nadia Shahram for more information:


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