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Congratulations to Nadia Shahram and friends, who raised $4000. towards the 2018 scholarship for Moslem women. Two young women will be awarded the funds this Fall. Pictured with Nadia is the Chef for the September 28, 2018 event, Ms. Aziza Alnaas, a Syrian refugee who arrived in 2015 through Journey's End with her husband and 4 children.  She is currently learning English at E.C.C.N. and her goal is to open her own catering business.

Declaration Of Equalities For Muslim Women Dedication at the University at Buffalo School Of Law

Nadia Shahram 
presents the 4th annual unveiling of
The Declaration of Equalities
For Muslim Women at 
Convention Days in 
Seneca Falls, New York 

Culture And Control of Women: Remedies & Resources

This was the first annual Human-Rights conference which took place on March 7th,

2015, at the State University of Buffalo School of Law. A number of organizations participated in this important conference designed to examine the injustices and violence perpetrated on women globally and to explore resources and remedies in answering the imperative question - What is to be done? The illegal human rights violations addressed in the conference included, honor killings, sex trafficking,

child and slave brides, female genital mutilation, stoning of women, domestic violence, acid pouring, forced suicide, access to education, employment, discrimination, self-determination, child custody, unjust social and cultural restraints, unjust family law, and other atrocities. The conference was presented by the Coalition for the Advancement of Moslem Women in conjunction with the University at Buffalo School of Law, the Institute for Research & Education on Women and Gender, Buffalo Public Schools, and others. 



- Nadia N. Shahram, Esq. - Attorney, Activist, Conference Founder

- Mary Murphy – Family Justice Center – Domestic violence

- Lisa R. Strand, Esq.- The Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Inc. 

- Dr. Hodan Isse – Economic Injustice

- Ann Breidenstein – International Institute – Human Trafficking

- Irene Majchrzak - Zonta Club of Buffalo – Education and Empowerment

- Isabel Marcus – Injustice against women for political gain

- Coline Jenkins - President of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust


For more information about this event please visit our Facebook page

Convention Days

Seneca Falls

Nadia Shahram, Esq. representing the Coalition For The Advancement of Moslem Women at High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, New York. Ms. Shahram was one of four distinguished panelists for the film Honor Diaries

Ongoing Activism at the Coalition For The Advancement of

Moslem Women.

The Coalition has joined with Rochester social work students. As part of their BSW Program, and in great part thanks to the efforts and supervision of Professor Lori Sousa from Social Work Department at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester. Social work students are making ongoing presentations throughout the Rochester University system informing other students about the plight of Moslem women and Securing additional signatures on the ‘Declaration for Equalities for Moslem Women.Graduate students helping with raising awareness and gathering signatures for the Deceleration of Moslem Women.


Raheel Raza: President, Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow; Honor Diaries and Nadia Shahram, Esq. President and founder of The Coalition For The Advancement of Moslem Women.

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